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How to receive digital assets through a Coinbase login?

The Coinbase trading platform allows you to trade, store or exchange digital assets. We will elaborate on the process of receiving assets through the Coinbase web portal.

After Coinbase login, you have to share your special crypto address with others to accept payments via a web browser or mobile device. You may decide whether you want your cryptocurrency address to be verified as a Coinbase user by enabling “Instant sends” in your account’s privacy settings.

Let’s move ahead by having a look at the step-by-step procedure to send digital assets via a Coinbase web portal.

Receive funds via the Coinbase web portal

  1. Hit the button “Receive” available on the home page of Coinbase’s website.
  2. Choose the asset that you want to get.
  3. Select the network you want to receive on if you will be asked to receive (only available for assets supported on networks).
  4. When an asset is chosen, the address and QR code are automatically filled in.

Note- You may share your asset’s address by choosing “Copy Address”, or let the sender scan your QR code to transfer your cryptocurrencies.

Well, it’s a good-to-go process but sometimes you may get troubles while receiving the assets. So here we are going to give some tips to resolve such issues.

Tips for resolving issues while receiving coins

Try the following actions if someone sent cryptocurrency to your address but it doesn't appear in your account. Keep in mind that a transaction may take longer to complete during times of network congestion.

  • Reopen your Coinbase login app after closing it.
  • Make sure the most recent version of the Coinbase app or web extension is installed.
  • Verify that you have given the right network and the correct address to the sender.
  • Verify the sender used the proper network to deliver the coins.
  • Request the sender to send you the block explorer link and make sure that the assets were sent to the right address.


Coinbase is a prominent name in the crypto industry and provides you with standout trading services and high-end security for your assets. It is known for its easy-going interface which welcomes novice users effectively. After Coinbase login, you can enable all of its beneficial features such as you may send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies.

In this blog post, I have elaborated on the method of receiving crypto assets through the web portal of Coinbase. So, by following the given procedure properly, you will be able to receive coins without any clutter.

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