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How to set up a PayPal account?

  Do you want to set up a PayPal account? Well! This is an easy process if you refer to this post. Today we are discussing the method to set up a PayPal account. We all know that PayPal offers two types of accounts on its platform. It depends on you to choose which type of account you wish to create on PayPal. With no further delay, let’s move forward to discuss how to set up a PayPal account   Method to Setup a PayPal Account Using a device, visit the PayPal login page Then, look for the “PayPal sign up” option and click on it Now, on the sign-up page choose the desired account type Then, follow the instruction to fill in the details like name, phone number, email address, business name, and business address in the account creation form Now, set a username and password for your desired PayPal account After completing the account creation process, link your credit or debit card by entering the card details Finally, the process for how to set up a PayPal account has been completed Note:
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  All around the world, HP printers have continued to transform potential buyers into valued customers. This has been possible because of highly advanced printer techniques and features. For instance, they can be operated via Wi-Fi as now we have wireless printers, they can print on various paper types, offers the fastest printing time, can scan documents and images to help you email them directly from the registered email address, and much more. But, even with all the world-class features, you may notice that the HP printer keeps going offline. This happens for many reasons that you’ll get to know in this read along with the ways and steps you can go for to resolve the issue. WHAT CAUSES THE “OFFLINE” ISSUE? With all the exclusive features it is very hard to believe that users experience troubles but as hard as it seems it is a man-made technical device and “open to vulnerability is a given possibility. Listed below are the key points that would answer “Why the  HP Printer keeps going

How to fix Canon Printer Offline on Windows 10?

  Many among us are facing Canon Printer offline issues. The users are complaining that everything is good with their Canon Printer but still it is showing offline status on Windows 10 computer. So, if you are also facing such an issue then you are on the right page. Today in this post, we are going to tell you some definite solutions that will certainly help you to fix the Canon printer offline on Windows 10. The process is so simple just keep trying all the mentioned solutions in this post. Ways to fix Canon Printer Offline on Windows 10 Here we have mentioned the solution that will help to fix the Canon Printer offline issue on Windows 10; look at the solutions: Solution 1:  Turn off your printer and wait for few seconds then turn it on back. Solution 2:  If your printer is connected to a wireless network then try to check the status of the router whether it is working or not. Solution 3:   If the above solutions do not work out then you need to set your printer to online status by

How to change Samsung printer from offline to online?

  Once you have added a network or the USB printer to your PC or Mac, you can easily start to send the important documents that you want to print. However, sometimes when you send a print command, you see that there are causes of an error in the printer and you will be sent offline issue. In order to solve the issue when the   Samsung printer keeps going offline , you have to follow the instructions that are provided in this article. So, let us get started and know the instructions to change canon printer from offline to online. Before starting, make sure you have a Network or USB printer to establish the connection between the printer and the PC.   What are the reasons for the Canon printer offline error? Two main reasons behind Canon printer go offline, which are: The printer is not set by default and therefore you have to alert your devices. The suspension/break period is very less and that is why the printer remains inactive for a short period of time, it disconnects.   What are th

Why is my Epson Printer only Printing blank pages?

  Epson printers are considered to be among the best printers and they are known for their quality prints. But what if you started getting blank pages while printing from your Epson Printer? This is a temporary issue and it is fixed on your own. So, don’t worry much about it. If you are also getting such an issue then stay with this post as we are going to discuss the method to fix the Epson Printer printing blank pages issue. Method to Fix Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages There could be various reasons behind the Epson Printer printing blank pages issue such as low ink, or the printer itself. Go through the following checklist and try to fix the issue: Make sure the printer is placed on a flat, stable surface that extends beyond the base. It should not be tilted or at an angle. Check the ink level of cartridges if it is on low ink then try to change the cartridges. Ensure that yellow tape was removed from the installed ink cartridges. Make sure to use the right quality of papers tha

How to fix Canon Printer offline issue quickly?

When we buy a printer, we expect it to work according to our commands. However, at times, your printer might stop working as per your commands and simultaneously show an offline error. This might happen due to several known or unknown factors. However, one should try to fix the   canon printer offline   issue and get it back online as soon as possible in order to complete your printing work. So, if you are also facing an offline issue with your printer, then we shall guide you through the process to rid you of the printer offline issue. Ways to get Canon Printer back online If your printer is showing an offline issue again and again, then you should follow the easy instructions given here in the section below: Check the connection  Most probably, the connection between your printer and the connected PC might have been lost due to which you are repeatedly facing an offline issue on your printer. So, make sure that you check all the cords and cables that are connecting the two devices. C

How to redeem a promotional code on amazon?

Those who shop online look for the promotional codes be it on any shopping website. If we talk about amazon there are promo codes available, which you need when you shop, and to save those extra counts. However, if you are a beginner and do not know how to redeem the amazon promotional code while shopping online then here in this article you will get it all wat you need to have to redeem the Amazon promotional code. So, let's get started!   How to use the Promotional codes? First of all, you have to write down the promotional codes. Now, add eligible products that are offered by Amazon to the shopping cart. Remember, the total cost of the products must be equal to or greater than the minimum purchase for the promotion to work. When you check out, you have to enter the promotional code and tap on the “Apply” button.   What all you need to avoid? You need to make sure that you have entered the correct promotional code at the checkout. Just make sure that you have added eligible items