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How to trade Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through a Coinbase login?

Bitcoin cash is growing to be one of the most popular as well as beneficial crypto coins that were developed with the aim to bring back decentralization in the crypto marketplace. BCH came into existence after the breakdown of the Bitcoin "hard fork" coin and nowadays a lot of people are showing great interest in buying this crypto token. If, while making your research, you got to know that investing in Bitcoin Cash could be a great deal for you, then you have come to the right place. As I assume that you already have your  Coinbase login  details ready, hence, you can start off with your purchase right away. On the other hand, if you are wondering whether or not, you should invest in BCH, then I suggest you make a thorough research about it beforehand. If this particular crypto token has managed to impress you, then you can follow the guidelines that I have furnished in the section to follow and get to know more about how to make a crypto purchase through a single Coinbase l
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Analyzing how suitable the Coinbase wallet- a crypto wallet is?

Cryptocurrency is currently ruling the world for the last few years since the day digital assets were introduced. Looking at the increasing interest of individuals, several crypto exchanges and wallets were introduced. In this way, there emerged one of the most recognized and highly reliable crypto wallets  Coinbase wallet . The wallet was introduced by Coinbase to facilitate investors to better organize and manage their valuable crypto funds with just a single click. But before going with any of the services it is advised to first make a complete analysis of the same by getting into the pros and cons of that particular service. What do you think about it? You might be agreeing with my opinion. Isn’t it? If so, then here we will look at the positive and negative aspects of this wallet to conclude whether to opt for it for our crypto activities or not. Understanding the Coinbase wallet Coinbase is a non-custodial, software wallet that gives users complete control over a wide range of cr

How to create a new login password?

Well, the wallet is proffering high-end services to the users residing in different countries of the world. Since then, the wallet team is making sure that you are able to make use of this wallet in the best possible manner. So, in case you are wondering how can you make your wallet more secure, then we have a trick for you. Yes, you guessed that perfectly right. All you need to do is change the wallet login password on a regular basis so that nobody could hack into your wallet easily.  Owing to that, we are now going to shed some light on the procedure through which you can easily change your password without doing much. However, if you do not have access to your wallet login details, then what you can do is make sure that you have the wallet verification details ready with you. If you do have the details, then you can probably move ahead with resetting the password. Steps to change the wallet login password In case you wanted to take these steps for a long but y

How to receive digital assets through a Coinbase login?

The Coinbase trading platform allows you to trade, store or exchange digital assets. We will elaborate on the process of receiving assets through the Coinbase web portal. After Coinbase login , you have to share your special crypto address with others to accept payments via a web browser or mobile device. You may decide whether you want your cryptocurrency address to be verified as a Coinbase user by enabling “Instant sends” in your account’s privacy settings. Let’s move ahead by having a look at the step-by-step procedure to send digital assets via a Coinbase web portal. Receive funds via the Coinbase web portal Hit the button “Receive” available on the home page of Coinbase’s website. Choose the asset that you want to get. Select the network you want to receive on if you will be asked to receive (only available for assets supported on networks). When an asset is chosen, the address and QR code are automatically filled in. Note- You may share your asset’s address by choosing “Copy Ad

What to do with a queued transaction in MetaMask?

MetaMask sign in is a great and simple way to deal with digital assets. By digital assets, we are referring to cryptocurrencies here. You deal in cryptocurrency via an online digital platform. Thus, it is obvious that there are times when you face some problems relating to the processing of transactions. Sometimes the transaction you are performing gets stuck in between and you don’t find out a way out to solve the issue. This article will guide you through the ways by which you can come out of this situation. Speeding up a transaction The very first and the primary resolution that you can adopt is to close and re-open your browser and then check the status of your pending transaction. If this measure doesn’t work out then you can step ahead to speed up the transaction. The steps to speed up a transaction are as follows: Take a step ahead for logging into MetaMask sign in Once you are logged in, scroll down the “Accounts” head You’ll find a “Speed Up” option, hit on it In this way, y

Get back into your account with a Coinbase login

Are you done with setting up an account on the Coinbase App and are now looking at how to get back into your Coinbase account? Signing into the account is simple and we all are aware of that process as well. However, what if one has lost access to their email ID? Most of us will think that now we will have to create a new account in this case. But that’s not the case. You can regain access to your lost email ID by looking at the details provided underneath. Here, we will be going through the steps for coinbase sign in in case of a lost email address. Lost email ID access: here’s the way Before getting into the process of regaining access to the lost password here are some pre-requisites that you must be aware of: 2-step verification method (required) The password associated with your Coinbase account The mobile number linked to your account Now, let’s start the process: Go to the account access page/official page of the app Enter your email ID and password Hit the “Sign In” icon Provi

Phantom Wallet- A friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs

When it comes to trade on the Solana blockchain, Phantom stands first. This wallet lets users store, buy, send, receive, swap tokens, and collect NFTs on the Solana network easily and securely. Are you also looking to trade on Solana via Phantom? If yes, you need to add this wallet to your mobile or computer. Phantom Wallet can be used on both mobile and computer both type of devices with the help of its mobile app and browser extension. You can also find and install the Phantom app or browser extension on your device by approaching the right path. Here in this read, we will explain to you the way to set up a new Phantom account and the process to access it on your mobile or computer. So, without taking any extra minute, let’s move forward to learn the way to set up a Phantom account. How to set up a new Phantom Wallet? You can use a mobile or computer to set up a new Phantom account. If you are not sure, follow this process: Go to the App or Play Store to find and install the Phantom